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Handmade nature for home and garden


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Kokodama home and garden
Kokodama home and garden



Kokodama, 100% natural

The Kokodama is a handmade sphere made from natural coco  bres. The inspiration for this concept lays in the Japanese bonsai-technique to process plants in Moss Balls. With its natural look and materials, the Kokodama is the counterpart of the common plastic hanging pot.


Create your own piece of nature by utilising various sizes and plants. The Kokodama is very trendy and can be combined in every interior.


Home and garden

By using both room and garden plants, Kokodama can be hung or put in the house, but also on the terrace, balcony or patio.


Kokodama Home is available in the collections: Jungle, Desert, Flower and Orchid, each with its own atmosphere and plant type. Kokodama Garden is offered with various garden and bedding plants.


Kokodama string and Kokodama authentic


Kokodama comes in two versions:


• Kokodama string, to hang

• Kokodama authentic, to place down


Available with matching ceramic dish


Kokodama home and garden


Handmade nature

for home and garden

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